Monthly Archives: September 2014

The Roundup Blog is closing down

Hi everyone!

I know that my Transit Roundup blog hasn’t gotten a lot of views, compared to my mainstay blog, and I’ve been thinking a lot about the future of my transit news roundups for the last few months now. After some careful thought, I’ve decided to go ahead and no longer post to this blog. Instead, what I am using is a dynamic content gathering site called enables users to deliver fresh news content on regular frequency intervals to thousands of readers worldwide! Have a read on their website to find out more about the service and why I like it! With this shift over to, I will be able to deliver a good mix of transit-related stories to my social media viewers on a daily basis without having to dig for content on my own, thus saving me lots of time!

I will continue to have this blog up as an archive for the few posts that I’ve published. Once I find a way to migrate these posts into my mainstay blog, this blog will be permanently deleted. I want to thank all those who have viewed this blog and I really hope that you’ll continue to follow my mainstay blog, as well as my social media channels! Papers will be published daily at 7:00am ET on my Twitter Feed (@TampaBayTransit), which in-turn, will be posted on my Facebook Page.